Last Scene: taking an ice cold dip at Sporting Beach



Lets get this day started! The sun is shining and last night’s extra drink had you sleep in way past your morning gym class. If you only have a few hours left to soak in some Mediterranean sun and get ready for your Saturday night out with a sun-kissed tan, the location of Sporting Beach is just perfect for your day. Put on your swimwear, add some sunscreen, and grab your towel and a book… You are heading for a swim minutes away!


Sporting is a beach club that has remained high up on Beirutis’ popular hangouts and meeting spots for over 50 years. Here you will get a good look at the mix and match of bikinis as well as people: Young girls posing for their instagram uploads, older men fishing under colorful umbrellas, book worms blocking the world out with their headphones, boys and men getting sweaty on the basketball court, late twenty year olds getting drunk with their bottles of vodka, and the regular customers (whose attendance doesn’t stop even in winter) enjoying their sporting customized Almazas in between swimming sessions.


Obviously this private beach club comes with a heavier price tag. Where a wide variety of private Beach resorts are very popular along the northern and southern coastal strip of Lebanon, the private options in Beirut remain quite limited. This pool day’s entrance fee will cost you 37,000 ll on weekends – and that is if you manage to skip having some fresh fish and mezza at the newly renovated Feluka restaurant.


It is safe to say Beirutis like it simple. The common complaints of it being “ancient concrete spreads” haven’t stopped customers from always coming back for more. Beirut’s residents haven’t failed to abandon Sporting despite all the urban changes the city has undergone over the past five decades.  A variety of seating areas, ‘on the terrace’, ‘pool side’ and the ‘winter corner’, give its users exactly what they are looking for – options. Looking like an almost untouched concrete landscape, its “unchanged” personality gives this club an authentic and very particular charm.


Make sure the ice cold water of April doesn’t stop you from jumping into that glistening sea with fifty shades of turquoise blue. It’s worth it – I promise.

If you enjoy sunsets as much as I do, I would highly recommend you stay to watch the sky explode into fiery colors as the sun goes down.


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