Tyre (Arabic: صور, Ṣūr;)

Last Seen:  smashing avocados with friends



The first thing on my list every summer is to find the best spots for a cookout. It takes very little to get me excited about a weekend, and the best ones are day-cations away from home barbecuing on a public sandy beach.

An 80km drive out of Beirut that is so worth it! We are at Tyre now; an ancient Phoenician city in the South of Lebanon. It’s a great place to escape from Beirut’s overdevelopment and the bustling sounds of the city. Spend a day out here and you will be so infatuated by the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the sky and sea stretching out on all sides around you – you’ll never want to go back.


Simply put, cooking is more fun with friends! In this group activity you get to know your friends better by discovering their tastes, interests, and even patience. Everyone gets a task: crash courses in how to light charcoal, unfolding blankets, mixing drinks or opening a bottle of wine, selecting the music playlist… Not only is it great teamwork, but by the time the food is ready, everyone is starved and everything served tastes ten times more delicious.


For starters, you’ll need to prepare a list of what to bring. I suggest you do this the day/night before. This will make you less likely to forget anything as you are rushing to get going the morning of. You can find our own cook-out shopping list in the images attached.


Nothing spoils a day out more than being kicked out by officials. Before you settle, double check your grills (and speakers) are welcome on the location of your choice. Ours was the public section of Tyre beach – commonly known as “Al Khiyyam” when they open in the summer season. Find your spot, get there early and claim your space!


Before you head home, remember to clean up! Make sure you have enough garbage bags and a place to dispose of them so we can keep the beach clean and keep our favorite public spaces places we can all continue to enjoy.


  • My first (and failed!) attempt to fly a kite – it almost lasted a good three seconds in the air.
  • Getting a free show of local and talented boys practicing their martial arts techniques on the sand.
  • The perfect cup of hot Arabic coffee bought from a friendly vendor passing by.

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