As part of my New Year’s Resolutions:  ‘to dedicate more time to things that lift me off the ground’ – From my messy bed, I am writing my first post of 2017, and I am optimistic to have at least 12 more in by 2018. What better way to start off my year than with a showdown of the dashing holiday madness?


In celebration of Beirut’s undeniable brilliance, and with this morning’s Golden Globes fever, this one goes out to our darling Beirut for its excellence at never failing to welcome its endless expats with their high and festive spirits.


Battling the post-holiday blues, and trying hard to deny our withdrawal symptoms, the descent from the high of January 1 is a hard reality to climb down from.  After Beirut buzzed with a whirlwind of activity during December (despite the stagnant traffic) it’s quite hard to jump start your new year with the frustrating feeling of urban emptiness lingering over you.

As a permanent resident, and current expert at responding to the classic “why are you still living in Beirut?” rhetoric (laced with the assumption that where I am and who I am aren’t in sync), I have the luxury to witness how rapidly the city changes to accommodate the influx.  Simply put, the city transforms into a jungle – but who doesn’t love animals anyway?


Year after year, you think one would grow accustomed to what I like to call the confetti project. The build up to the holidays begins in slow motion and then is over so quickly, suddenly fast forwarding until the last bit of confetti hits the ground… leaving those remaining in Beirut to deal with the empty aftermath.

From the start of December, the crescendo to the holiday madness spirals up. It’s a surreal realization of just how many Lebanese are coming home. The ‘busy Beirut’ I was so used to is redefined over the holidays… my household count doubled in number and my friend list quadrupled in size as most of my loved ones made it home for the week long festivities.


Despite its endless reasons to be left, Beirut is a unique example of that ex-boyfriend that keeps you coming back for more. With all its imperfections, the charming city always manages to draw you back into its arms. Whether it is to visit family, enjoy the nightlife, ski and swim, find a lifetime partner, or even just to boast about your international achievements, you can’t help but fall back into its embrace.


It’s heartwarming to realize that even those who can’t chase their dreams from the homeland still bring home with them a vibrant energy that is vital to Beirut’s growth cycle.

The secret behind Beirut is that it is never really abandoned. The reality is, we find order in all its chaos- that odd feeling permeates through and everything and nothing feels completely right.

The spell Beirut casts on us all, that is the magic of belonging.



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